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Nowadays, in many companies, traditional maintenance is based on establishing a periodicity of operations, without making a diagnosis and without knowing if the machinery works correctly or not. The machine is simply disassembled and the spare parts are installed, leaving the machine out of service and the workers without work.


But in most cases and with this policy, when we detect the existence of a problem externally, without measuring instruments, the damage is already done and the situation is irreversible. Either the machine has suffered major failures, or the failures are irreversible and must be replaced completely. This implies costs for the company that in many occasions are very difficult to cover.

From Ingenor we offer an external measurement system that indicates the condition in which the machine is at each moment and where exactly it fails. In this way we avoid putting out of service those that are working in perfect conditions and we focus on those that are at the limit of failure or that an improvement has to be made.


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